Company Overview

Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is an experienced and progressive automotive manufacturing organization dedicated to provide consistent quality and service to its wide range of customers.

A group of highly technocrats backed by relevant experience has carefully formulated all Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. products from advanced additive technology and carefully selected premium virgin base oils, through rigorous analysis and testing, which are then manufactured to meet and exceed the requirements of national and International standards of respective products, in our state of art oil blending plant following well documented quality assurance program which ensures quality checks , in our well equipped laboratory, right form of raw materials to intermediate stages of production to finished products.

Customer is our first priority and customer satisfaction is our motto. This philosophy along with your continued support has enabled “Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd.” to show consistent growth year after since its incorporation. We are successfully marketing our products under the trade name “ TURBO “ which are known for its quality and performance. Our R&D centre is located at Dadra & Nagar Haveli and is not only optimizing the existing products with the best performance but also developing a new range of products

About Us
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Why Choose Us

  • A Very high Quality Premium Virgin Base oils are used in our every product though rigorous analysis and testing, which are manufactured to meet and exceed requirements of National and International Standards of Respective products.
  • The most important component in Oils is its ADDITIVES and Chemicals which is being imported and utilized in our each and every product of AFTON CHEMICAL the world’s no. 1 Additive manufacturing company based in SINGAPORE
  • We are one of the Fastest growing Lubricants oil company with an Growth rate of more than 250% in last 10 years.

Who We are

Oil Refining

Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. imports 80 types of crude oil from some 30 countries spread across the Middle East, US, Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe. Diversified sourcing ensures a stable supply. We produce high-quality petroleum products using our refining capacity of 800,000 barrels per day (bpd) and cutting-edge production systems that include facilities to desulfurize kerosene and diesel.

Additionally, heavy oil upgrading(HOU) facility, the largest in the nation, has a capacity of 274,000 bpd and produces light oil products and high-grade gasoline. It has brought Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. a step closer to realizing a ‘perfect complex.’

Sale and Distribution

Sales and Distribution Petroleum products from Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. are provided to automobile users through some 200 service stations and roughly 50 filling stations throughout India. The products are also supplied for industrial use to various factories and for transportation.

Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. provides comprehensive services that meet consumer’s shopping and vehicle maintenance needs. They also provide benefits such as the programs to enhance service levels. Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. also operates gasoline service stations in Shandong Province, China. Harnessing customer management and operating know-how amassed, we provide industry-leading services to Indian customers.

Base Oil

Turbo Oil and Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. started producing base oil in November 2007 with a daily capacity of 16,000 barrels. The figure has now increased to 26,000 tons. We can flexibly adjust the output of Group II and Group III base oil according to market demand. Our products offer superior low-temperature properties, low volatility, and high thermal and oxidation stability.

With their high quality and viscosity, Turbo Oil and Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. eco-friendly base oil satisfies the demanding requirements posed by makers of automotive and industrial lubricants. Good base oil holds the key to producing first-class lubricants.

“The best lubricant begins with the best base oil.”
Featuring a two-stage design that enables flexible output adjustment of Group II and Group III


Turbo Oil and Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. uses base oil sourced internally as the feedstock to produce about 180 types of lubricants. We apply innovative technology and practice rigorous control to deliver optimal products to our customers. From engine oils for passenger and commercial cars to hydraulic fluid for industrial application, we provide lubricating oils for automotive and industrial use.

Presently, it is a major brand for automotive and industrial lubricants in India. We are making efforts to strengthen our overseas presence and promote Turbo Oil and Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. as the lubricating oil of choice for customers across the globe. Turbo Oil and Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. will continue with research and development of lubricants gain wide recognition for their quality in the global arena.


Petrochemicals made from petroleum or natural gas make up for the drawbacks of natural materials such as wood and rubber. They are used as the core materials in countless industries, from automobiles and electronics to construction and clothing.


Turbo Oil and Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. began producing polypropylene (PP) in 1988. With steady facility expansion, we have secured capacity to produce 180,000 tons annually. Propylene (feedstock) is also produced in-house, leading to enhanced cost and quality competitiveness. Through ongoing R&D, we are working to develop and commercialize high-performance materials. Our R&D efforts are contributing to industry-wide technological advancement.

Our Vision

To be the foremost Indian Manufacturing Company most admired for its quality products, reliable performance and best services with a perspective of global excellence.

Our Mission

Our emphasis will be on the relationships that we build with people we work with and those we serve. These relationships, along with the quality of our products and services, enable us to take pride in responsibilities as Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd..

Message from CEO

Greetings. It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website.

Turbo Oil and Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a a leader in providing total energy service. Turbo Oil and Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a fully integrated energy company with leadership positions in petroleum refning, petrochemicals and lubricants.

Looking around our website, you’ll see our wide range of capabilities that benefit our customers in numerous ways. Research and development have been the key for us, and we build on that to create, manufacture and support a wide range of products. Our competencies and capabilities have broadened and deepened significantly since our inception. We are striving to sustain and build on the remarkable success that we have enjoyed over the last few years. We will continue to apply the highest professional and ethical standards in everything that we do and will always remain true to the core values that define us. Our focus, then and now, is to challenge the status quo, work proactively with key stakeholders to find the best solutions and applications to assure sustainable, long-term relationships. Applying social and environmental stewardship has helped add value to our people and the community at large.

I thank you for your interest in our work. Should you have any queries or need any additional information, please feel free to get in touch with us. It will be our pleasure to assist.

Abhishek Kumar

Turbo Oil and Power Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Our Team

Abhishek Kumar, MD & CEO

Abhishek Kumar is the MD & CEO of Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Sonali Abhishek Kumar, Director

Sonali Abhishek Kumar is the Director of Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd.

A.K.Singh, Marketing Head

A.K.Singh is the Marketing Head of Turbo.

Dipak Soni, IT Head

Dipak Soni is the IT Head of Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Mohit Gulati, Company Secretaries

Mohit Gulati is the Company Secretaries of Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Payel Sarkar Praharaj, Regional Head (West Bengal)

Payel Sarkar Praharaj is the Regional Head (West Bengal) of Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Sujeet Kumar, Area Head (Bihar)

Sujeet Kumar is the Area Head (Bihar) of Turbo Oil And Power Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Nitin Shrivastava, State Head (UP & Uttrakhand)

Nitin Shrivastava is the State Head (UP & Uttrakhand) of Turbo Plus.